Why next year’s leadership will be amazing

Over the past month we’ve been transitioning in my InterVarsity chapter to the new leadership team. As a member of this year’s Cteam I was part of the selection process. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the process: lots of reading applications and hard discussions about who would and wouldn’t be on leadership.

That said, I still took it seriously. I knew that the leadership selection process would have a big effect on our IV chapter, and on the individuals who applied. But I didn’t expect it to affect me.

I wasn’t expecting was how amazing the process was. The thing that hit home through reading applications was how much God has been moving on our campus. Reading thirty stories of how flawed people are loving each other and caring for the unloved parts of the world was so encouraging. Through them, I was reminded of some parts of the character of God that I don’t think about much.

Now I’m excited. Excited about how God is moving at UNC, building solid community, and raising up leaders. I can’t wait to come back and visit next year and see what happens.


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