Chapel Hill on my #trianglebucketlist

Triangle Bucket List: a conclusion

Over the years following my study abroad in Australia, several of my international friends visited me. I was thrilled to see them but always struggled with where to take them. After taking them on a tour of my campus, feeding them North Carolina barbecue, and introducing them to my local friends, I was always at a loss for what to show them about my hometown. It’s a fantastic place to grow up, but what here appeals to someone just stopping through?

It took me a few years, but since graduating I’ve really grasped what this place has to offer. The idyllic college campus is only the beginning: the variety of fun, the arts presence, the scope of restaurants and the access to nature only scratch the surface of what makes the Triangle special.

I love my city.

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Shiki sushi for the win!

Addicted to Shiki

Today I’m sharing one of those restaurants that I adore and eat at regularly, yet somehow never got around to sharing with you! It’s the type of place I’m equally likely to go for a nice work lunch or for a date night – any excuse to eat my favorite sushi!

Shiki sushi for the win!

Shiki Sushi is around the corner from Southpoint mall, within 10 minutes of Chapel Hill, and Shiki sushi for the win!only 10 minutes from my house. One of those places that feels close to everything.

It’s also a very popular place. Any given weekend night, you’d better make reservations or be prepared to wait 30+ minutes. It’s worth the wait though!

Everyone has a slightly different take on sushi, but there’s something to fit every taste. If you want the classic flavors, they’ve got it. If you want creative twists, there’s something for you. If you want rolls stuffed to the brim with as much seafood as possible, you’re covered too. Tempura fried roll? Check. Sushi run under the broiler just before serving? Done.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Tokyo Sunrise roll: Start with a classic California roll, but with piles of salmon, crab, and roe. So good. I pretty much ALWAYS pick this one.
  • Fabulous roll: Great subtle fish flavors, topped with a kick of Sriracha!
  • Sumo roll: Not for the faint of heart. It’s tempura fried and a bit of sweet eel sauce. Very rich.
  • Blue Devil roll: Much as it pains me to order something Duke-themed, its a great roll with spicy tuna and a touch of wasabi.
  • Volcano roll: Most unusual of my favorites – it’s  baked! I’m not entirely sure on the exact compilation, but it’s a roll topped with scallops and spicy mayo and served warm. An unusual preparation, and I’m in love with it.

Shiki sushi for the win!

There are a TON of other choices, those are the ones I typically land on. Bonus: grab 3 friends and order the boat! We did that for my birthday and it made my WEEK. So fun.

Shiki sushi for the win!

Forgive the blurriness, there’s only so long you can hold people up from digging into sushi.

They serve other non-sushi dishes, but no one should be surprised that I’ve stuck to sushi. I could eat sushi twice a week and not get tired of it.

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Coffeeshop sipping, European dreaming.

The best iced mochas at Joe Van Gogh

Coffee sipping just outside Duke's campus!In my efforts to hang out with my bar-studying husband this summer, our sweet spot ended up being the “go somewhere to study” date. But the sweltering mess that is North Carolina in July means there’s only so much outdoor studying one can handle, particularly on Saturday afternoons.

SO, the coffeeshop scene it is! We took advantage of the fact that Duke students are mostly gone for the summer and headed to Joe Van Gogh. It’s right off campus and shares a parking lot with Watts Grocery (free parking! yay!).

They’re known for their coffee. Shocker, I know. But they sell their beans as well as coffee drinks, and I’ve had several friends recommend them as the sweet spot of taste and price when I lament how quickly our house runs through coffee.

Confession: I heart espresso drinks. If I could have a mocha or latte or something with espresso every single day, I would. Its just… good. Smooth. Rich. Logan is the same way: I will likely get in an espresso machine someday, because he loves the complexity and attention to detail making good espresso requires. And that way he can make me fancy drinks.

Coffee sipping just outside Duke's campus!

So with that in mind, you won’t be surprised that we both went for iced mochas. Nothing too fancy, no additional syrups or twists or frufru.Coffee sipping just outside Duke's campus!

But y’all, this was possibly the best iced mocha I HAVE EVER HAD.

I love them. I love them with whipped cream
and chocolate shavings. But this one, with just the basics, was so well done that it beat the ones with all the extras on tops.

I think it was so good because it wasn’t very sweet. Lots of cream and plenty of chocolate, but not sweet. Just that creamy-chocolate-coffee dreaminess.

If I had an unlimited budget (and calories weren’t a thing), I would drink one of these puppies every day. It was that good.

Coffeeshop sipping, European dreaming.

So the coffee really is worth it alone. I also liked the vibe: relaxed, a little quirky, but also the type of place you can pop some headphones in a get work done. It’s bright and happy with a wall of windows and art everywhere. You can also get popsicles – don’t you love it when popsicles are a thing in a coffeeshop? – or play with the plastic animals by the cash register. To be honest I don’t know what the story was there, should’ve asked. Plus there’s the coffee beans for sale right by the door, smelling amazing every time you walk by.

Coffee sipping just outside Duke's campus!I love it when coffeeshops are small enough to feel intimate but not so small that there’s never any seating. Joe Van Gogh has tables and chairs for maybe 20 or so – enough to be comfortable, but I could see how students fill tables fast during finals.

Logan and snagged a spot where he could spread his papers. I took advantage of the time to plan our Europe trip and book some airbnbs (updates soon, I promise!), and together we spent a few hours escaping the hot summer sun with some cool drinks.

My take: best iced mocha I’ve had. Definitely worth a visit!

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On Fire at Pompieri Pizza

Pompieri05When my little brother visits, the family always eat at one of two places.

Bull City Burger & Brewery, because you can’t beat its namesakes. Top 2 burgers in Durham (tied for me with Burger Bach), and one of my favorite breweries in a city full of amazing local beer. So Ben ALWAYS makes it over there, usually with the whole family.

The second place we nearly always go with him is Pompieri Pizza. Ironically, it’s owned by the same people as BCBB. Clearly they have a good thing going according to the Clarks.

So when my brother planned a quick work visit to NC, he squeezed in a dinner with us at Pompieri!

On fire at Pompieri Pizza!

On fire at Pompieri Pizza!First off, the locale. Its in an old fire station, and they kept enough of the bones of the
structure to see it. Not to mention that pompieri means firefighters in Italian. The menu keeps it simple: 9 or 10 regular pizzas, two daily specials, and of course the build-your-own option. They also offer salads, appetizers, and just started including sandwiches, but I’m pretty committed to this whole pizza deal here. It’s Neapolitan, complete with that perfect chewy-but-thin crust and sauced just right.

I love to try new things, so I mostly get whatever the daily special turns out to be. And y’all, I have never not loved it. This most recent trip it had cabbage on it, which isn’t a favorite veggie of mine, but on this pizza it was great! A contrasting crunch and with just a tiny bit of sweetness. Plus, how can you resist a pizza with a meat called “porkbasa?” That and parmesan with red sauce and I’m all in. My brother picked the veggie special, which included squash and tomato chunks and felt very summery.

On fire at Pompieri Pizza!

I know this is silly, but one of my favorite parts of going to Pompieri would be the scissors. Every pizza comes out of the kitchen with scissors for cutting slices. Novelty way to slice + the freedom to pick your slice size = win. Plus, there’s no excuse to not share bites now.

On fire at Pompieri Pizza!

[clockwise from top left] veggie special, margarita, daily special, and drunken horse

When I do order off the menu, my favorite is the Drunken Horse. The sausage has some kick to it, balanced perfectly with the rich sauce and creamy mozzarella. It’s my favorite of their regulars! With a cold beer, it’s perfection.


Speaking of beer, they offer their sister store’s beer on tap! Naturally, I’m all about the local stuff – and there’s so much to choose from in Durham – and one of my favorites at BCBB is their Golden Ale. I like having a lighter beer with pizza – I’ll save the stouts and porters for after dinner.

Another bonus about Pompieri: they do a ton of stuff related to sustainability. Their herbs are grown in-house in an aquaponics setup (read: fish are involved), and they source a bunch of their ingredients locally. I love places that commit to caring for the community immediately around them!

On fire at Pompieri Pizza!

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A little bit of everything at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo

We stayed in town this past weekend. We had only just returned from our big Europe trip, and were loving sleeping in our own bed a little too much to venture too far just yet. Plus, the jet lag meant we still had trouble stringing full sentences together. (Does jet lag affect anyone else this way? Even if I’m awake, I can’t seem to speak properly. It’s an issue.)

Anyway, two things made this the best possible decision.

  1. my best friend and her husband came into town!!
  2. Durham had a food truck rodeo!!!

[All the exclamation points!!]

Can you ask for a better Labor Day? I think not.

A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!


These food truck rodeos happen a 4-5 times a year, but I find myself out of town most of the time. So when I do manage to be local, I convince whomever is nearby to come with me!!

A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!With Armando and Laura in tow, we headed over to Durham’s Central Park where 50 food trucks gathered. The first truck we saw, Cousin’s Maine Lobster, elicited a cry of joy from Armando immediately. He filled us in that they got their start on Shark Tank. Which is pretty impressive, if you think about the novelty factor required to gain traction on that show.
We saw several of our favorites – Chirba Chirba, Only Burger, Pie Pushers, Local Yogurt. It’s so much fun to see some of these places grow into opening brick and mortar places too – while there, I heard that American Meltdown had opened up in Southpoint Mall‘s food court! I will definitely be eating there next time I’m at the mall.

First we did a lap, assessing all the options. A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!Some of my favorite names had to be the Wandering Moose and Heavenly Smoke. A clever name should be required to open a food truck.

Logan and I have a strategy for food trucks: we share, and try to only get one thing from each truck we visit. So we get to try several of them (balancing our go-to’s with new tastes) in one day, embracing the rodeo as much as humanly possible. We started out pretty hungry, so for our first “course” we wanted something filling. We tried The Humble Pig‘s pork BBQ sandwich and it didn’t disappoint!! An enormous brioche bun filled with a meal-sized amount of BBQ, topped with a healthy amount of sweet and spicy tomato-based  sauce!

A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!

Meanwhile, Laura and Armando found a Cubanos truck getting some good-looking empanadas and seriously, some of the best yucca fries I’d ever tasted.

One of the things I love most about Durham is the local beer scene, and several great local places made an appearance! We opted for Ponysaurus this time, trying a fig saison which sounded like a perfect labor day drink: summery, with just a hint of fall sneaking in.

A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!

With beer and our first round of food, we found an open patch of grass and listened to the band, a bluegrass-y group with a fun range of styles. The sunny but not-too-hot weather made the perfect setting for catching up!

A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!The joy of a food truck rodeo is that when you get too hot sitting in the sun, you just go find another round of treats. For part two, Logan went for dumplings while I moved on to some dessert crepes from Parlez-Vous Crepe, another consistent favorite.

Like most outdoor gatherings, the rodeo is ripe for people watching. We played with babies, petted dogs, overheard hilarious out-of-context conversations, and even caught a few people dancing.

If you ever get the chance, I would definitely encourage you to go. Durham food truck rodeos have food for any palette and fun for any age. Last one for 2016 should happen in late October – when the date is set, it’ll likely show up here.

A perfect day at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo!!

See you there!!

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In motion.

The Al Buehler Trail on Duke's campus is the perfect running trail or a calming walk with a friend. It’s amazing how many of my most favorite things in Durham have taken their sweet time to show up as Triangle Bucket List posts. I think it’s because I treat them as  normal, so I rarely take photos or think about how I’d share it with a digital audience.

So today, instead of telling you why I love the Al Buehler trail, I want to act as though we’re real-life friends in my real-life hometown. If you were here, I’d want to take you on a walk.

Walks have become one of my favorite ways to catch up with friends. There’s something about the action that frees me up to talk – and process – differently than when I’m sitting down on my couch or in a coffeeshop. The movement allows me to ask better questions, to listen to what’s going on in your life that I love about taking walks with friends.


Maybe we take your dog with us, and he barks every time someone walks by. Or maybe we’re feeling ambitious and want to get a run in. When my Air Force husband prepped for field training, we hit that trail almost every day to run a lap or two. Even this summer, he walked for an hour a couple times each week to get some movement in while still studying his bar-prep flash cards.

There’s a lot to see: a pond, the campus golf course, several sub-trails with connections to other parts of Duke or Durham. It’s where I first saw a two-toned deer, countless turtles just underwater, and my most recent copperhead sighting. It’s not surprising to see people with massive packs training for some backpacking expedition they’re dreaming of. There’s even a unicyclist, presumably training for whatever unicyclists train for.


The trail runs about 5 km, which translates to an hour of unrushed strolling or a 35 minute run (or less, I’m not fast). It’s great for a midmorning stroll on a day off or an after-work run on the sun-dappled trails. Even in the summer, there’s enough shade on the path to make you melt in the heat.

The Al Buehler Trail on Duke's campus is

I’ll be the first to admit that the photos featured here aren’t the most glamorous. If National Geographic wanted to pick up some of my work, it wouldn’t be from this post. But this trail is so much about movement that to stop and photograph it seems entirely out of place. it’s on this trail that I considered leaving my first job out of college, that I quizzed Logan on law and military, that I listened to friends struggling or celebrating pieces of marriage and jobs and life and community. Somehow, this trail seems best appreciated in motion. 

The Al Buehler Trail on Duke's campus is the perfect running trail or a calming walk with a friend.So there’s not very many photos, because I want you to go experience it for yourself. Go walk it. Go move.

As I reflect on the Al Buehler trail, I confess I feel a bit extra sentimental right now. In a month I’ll move away from this place – to who knows where, but that means I leave this trail where I’ve done so much sweating and thinking and talking and praying and moving. And I know that given time, I’ll find trails that will offer their local flavor of movement and processing and humanity for me: a new place to invite friends and connect with new people and run with Logan. So as I think about this new motion we’re undertaking, I’m grateful for the movement I’ve had here.

Here’s to being in motion, and to the all the trails we find ourselves on.

The Al Buehler Trail on Duke's campus is the perfect running trail or a calming walk with a friend.

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Summer evenings in Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens10

Summertime studying is always a womp-womp. No one wants to do it, no matter how old you are. And my poor husband has to dedicate his entire summer to preparing for the bar. It’s been serious business around here: we’re more like ships in the night these past few months. Even most of his meals are spent studying.

So the past few Sunday evenings we’ve made the effort to change locations of the studying. First up: a summertime picnic & cram session at Duke Gardens!

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

Nothing fancy: fruit, bread, edamame, dumplings. But perfect for a spur of the moment picnic!

After a few hours of reading, I decided to wander the gardens while he furiously scribbled  practice essays. Duke Gardens is massive, and right next to Duke Chapel. If I were a Duke student, I’d bring my books out here at least once a week for afternoons of sunshine studying and walks!

The park has stunning flowers, but it’s so much more than a flower garden. There’s a field perfect for ultimate frisbee games or Shakespeare in the park, a Japanese garden, a native plants area, and a gorgeous gazebo that’s covered in wisteria each spring.

Duke Gardens13

On our picnic, the midsummer evening glow cast everything in a calming light, perfect for a quiet walk with my thoughts.

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

Campus just beyond the trees.

Duke Gardens02

Duke Gardens03

Plenty of wildlife, including this Great Blue Heron that watched me warily as I tried to get a shot.

A summertime study session at Duke Gardens!

He didn’t stick around for long though.

Duke Gardens06

Entry to the park is free, although the parking is not during the day. Bringing a picnic and making an evening of it is the best way to go!

Duke Gardens14

Duke Gardens04

Duke Gardens15

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Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas

We are all too busy.

Everybody knows it. Treatises could be written about it.

I remember very clearly the moment I realized this, when I sat in a staff meeting and talked through my weekly calendar and noticed that I worked four nights a week.


An evening with friends at Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas!How did I get here? How do I retain my sanity, process my life, or see my people?

Enter: the weekly hangout.

It’s brilliant. A group of us plan to always hang out on Monday nights. There’s freedom to bail if you’re exhausted or busy, but it guarantees us regular time with good friends. We get to relax, catch up, and be with people they love.

It’s glorious, it’s simple, it’s comfortable, its good for my soul.

We sometimes watch TV together (with drinks and snacks of course, and a few of us *cough me, cough* talking through most of it), but between our shows we check out fun bars and restaurants.

So today I want to share one of our recent ventures in Durham: Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas!

Luna has a cool premise: South American anAn evening with friends at Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas!d American Southern food, served with the belief that sustainable and local is always better. I’m a pretty adventurous eater and I’ll try anything, but the problem with a place like this is I want to try EVERYTHING!

The thrust behind their menu is well-seasoned rotisserie meats. You can get a plate with a it and two sides, a salad with it generously topping the veggies, empanadas stuffed with it, or patacon pisao with it sandwich-style.

What’s patacon pisao, you ask? I did too, and decided to order it before I got my answer. Patacon pisao, a Venezuelan specialty, is a sandwich-like dish but instead of bread, it uses strips of fried plantains to give a unique crunchy, fried potato-like texture. Surprising, and so good! The texture was the perfect contrast to the amazing seasonings on the carnitas I chose.


Complemented by roasted garlic kale and a local brew, this was a killer meal. And it was only after I ordered that I noticed they serve maduros, so I can guarantee I’ll be back if only for those!!!

I picture Luna as a great spot to stop by for a dinner with friends after work! By the way, my crappy iphone photos don’t do the place justice – I love the vibe inside, and the decor strikes this perfect balance of cohesive yet funky, using the motif without getting too theme-y.

An evening with friends at Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas!

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Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

A Milestone Weekend: Graduating and Commissioning

Last weekend held one of biggest deals in Logan and my adult life: Logan graduated from law school AND commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

For Logan, the commissioning felt almost more significant: a beginning rather than an end. It marks the commitment he’s making to serving our country as a member of the Air Force. There was something deeply moving about that ceremony, a recognition that this calling is a not an easy one, but one that he feels clearly drawn into and willing to work to the highest standard to be part of.

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

I’m so ridiculously proud of this man.

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

The commissioning went down in Duke Chapel, newly renovated. Beautiful and ornate and the perfect setting for the ceremony.

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Swearing in, then pinning on his bars (ranks).


Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Traditional first salute – he’s an officer!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

We had a full weekend of celebrations. Here’s a breakdown by the numbers:

3: number of ceremonies

14: number of people at one or more ceremony. Yes, we were one of those families that took up two rows. No, we didn’t care.

2.5: hours spent waiting in lines for said ceremonies.

6: number of officers commissioning from the NCCU/Duke AFROTC program

468: number of candidates who graduated from NCCU’s graduate schools this weekend!

1,100: number of photos taken. So much thanks to the rockstar photographers for the weekend, Corey, Ben and Paul!!! Logan had his own personal paparazzi, and for once it wasn’t me.

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

The weekend was a whirlwind of dress up, hug and chat, wait in line, watch the ceremony, laugh at the hilarious speaker, clap for the graduates, freak out for a moment when you see your graduate walk, and battle crowds to find them after the ceremony. Oh, and then eat your weight in whatever delicious meal you’ve planned afterward.

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

The next day, we had the law school graduation ceremonies. Complete with Harry Potter dress robes and possibly the goofiest hats in existences (tams), we celebrated three years of briefing, reading, memorizing and analyzing.

One brag, because it’s my blog and you’re choosing to subject yourself to it: at the graduate school graduation, they individually recognized Logan’s achievements, both in school and working for the JAG appointment. What an honor! They also interviewed him and put together a little video; you can check it out here if you’re interested.

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!

The law school graduation marks a huge achievement, but the ironic thing for these legal eagles is that the biggest test is yet to come. Nearly every student who spoke in the ceremony referenced the feeling in the back of their heads that even as they celebrated, they knew next week they would return to their books and buckle down for two more months of cramming their heads full for the bar exam. But during the weekend itself – and continuing for the next week or so – we celebrate the landmark of graduation!

Logan graduated law school and commissioned into the Air Force!


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A chocolate morning at Mad Hatter’s

So hopefully y’all academically minded people are nearly done with your semesters and headed into the sweetness of summertime! But in the meantime, finals loom. Being married to someone in law school makes me feel like I deserve a degree of my own. I should receive a Juris Doctor of Making Sure There’s Food in the Fridge And Laundry is at Least Sort of Done and Sharing My Husband With the Other Woman Named Law School. Or something.

The good news is that we’re nearly there! Logan graduates in a few short days and we are PUMPED. It’s basically all I can think about. Three years of this. He’ll study for the bar all summer and then we get to be humans again!! Sweet freedom is close.

But since studying has been his main activity over the past three years, a low-bar date idea has always been to go camp out in a coffee shop together and work. When my job allowed me to partially work from home, this was great. Nowadays I’ll grab my laptop or a book to entertain myself with for a few hours while he does Law School Things.

For our most recent study date, we went to Mad Hatter Bakeshop & Cafe in Durham!

A chocolate morning at Durham's Mad Hatter Bakery!

The best part about Mad Hatter’s is they’re a little bit of everything: bakery, coffeeshop, restaurant. They’ve got a killer cookie spread, plus the breakfast offerings are definitely worth checking out!



The added advantage of great patio seating and generally enough tables inside means that while this place is often full, we’ve never had to search too hard to get a cozy table to ourselves.

This particular visit happened right near my birthday, so I decided to indulge with a mocha accompanied by a chocolate chip scone. [Can you tell I love chocolate? Subtlety has never been my strong suit.]

A chocolate morning at Durham's Mad Hatter Bakery!

Chocolate perfection.

Espresso drinks come with a little cookie for dunking, which is just about the cutest thing ever. This one tasted like animal crackers! And if you can’t tell, the scone was enormous. More than enough for a morning snack.

Logan took the more restrained route with regular coffee (free refills beat fancy espresso, law school life) and a chocolate croissant. All the dessert share a similar hugeness: these delicacies are not for the faint of heart. Just the way I like them!


I like some ambient noise when I’m getting things done, and Mad Hatter’s is perfect for that. My visits are typically on Saturday mornings, which means there’s more catching up than studying around me, but ambiance works for both. It’s also really close to Duke’s campus which ups the student atmosphere, but it’s definitely not an undergrad-only place: on the weekends plenty of families stop by for a cookie and coffee break!

Also, in case you were wondering: they do in fact offer more than just chocolate items. Behold: danishes everywhere.

A chocolate morning at Durham's Mad Hatter Bakery!

We camped out for a couple hours. I’m one of those people who never wants to be bored, so I brought two books, my journal, and about four laptop-based projects. Of course I really only worked on about two of those things all told, but never hurts to be prepared! Logan slogged away at his studies.

A chocolate morning at Durham's Mad Hatter Bakery!

After a couple hours, we gave up our table to head home. If you’ve got to study, doing it with chocolate and coffee feels like the best possible scenario!

A chocolate morning at Durham's Mad Hatter Bakery!

What’s your favorite study spot?

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