Downtown Sydney - I would move there if I could!

Liebster award!

Hey friends! This week I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award. For those not spending much time in the blogosphere world, it’s an award passed among bloggers as a show of support for our favorite blogs!

Liebster award!

I was nominated by Sweet Sunsets and Pura Vida: thanks Macarena!

Interview questions:

Where are you from?

I grew up in Durham, North Carolina and have lived their most of my life. I think of myself as somewhat southern: I’m addicted to sweet tea and think “y’all” is the best word for the job, but I don’t have the adorable accent. However, I was born in Hawaii and love that I’ve got a little aloha in me!

What is your favorite destination?

Ash too hard! I’m hoping my next major trip will take me to Africa somewhere for a safari adventure, but realistically that’s not happening this year. My favorite place I’ve ever been has to be Australia: I nearly moved back after graduating university!

Do you practice any sport? Which one?

I love pickup sports, but let’s just say I’m not the most talented. What I lack in skill I make up for in scrappiness. My favorite is basketball!

Downtown Sydney - I would move there if I could!

My favorite skyline of all time: Sydney!

Beach or city? Why?

Why pick? Sydney gave me easy access to both! But if I had to choose, probably city. I love the international atmosphere you get in a major metropolitan area: great food, cultural events, and not needing to own a car? Yes, please!

What is your job?

I run a design shop, making stationery and party decorations. You can see my work here!

What is your favorite thing to do?

Travel! I’m obsessed. I’m headed to North Carolina & Virginia in July, and trips to both Montreal and Mexico in the works for this fall!

What is your biggest dream?

Hm, I’m not actually sure. I have a lot of dreams, but no one big overarching one. A few of them include making my design shop successful, someday getting paid to travel, and training my dog to be really well-behaved.

Sweet or Savory food?

Having just finished Whole30, I have to say sweet food. I am unabashedly obsessed with desserts. You can see a few of my favorites here!

Chimichurri beef kabobs from my Whole30 adventure! How'd it go? | Teaspoon of Nose

Chimichurri beef kabobs – delicious, and perfect for a day at the lake!

What is your favorite restaurant?

Seeing as I live in a tiny town where restaurants aren’t a strong suit, I’ll have to say two of my favorites from my hometown are Shiki Sushi & Angus Barn.

Flip flops or closed shoes?

Flip flops! I have Hawaiian toes – they need to be free!

Favorite quote:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

I’m nominating:

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Wanderlust fulfilled while traveling around Italy!

My questions:

  1. Where are you from? What about you shows where you’re from?
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  3. What’s your favorite meal?
  4. Coffee or tea? What’s your favorite version (latte, flat white, jasmine tea, etc)?
  5. What’s your dream job? Are you doing something right now that could get you there?
  6. Ocean or mountains?
  7. What’s the best book you’ve read in the past month?
  8. What’s your favorite season? Why?
  9. Would you rather own a home in your favorite place in the world or be able to travel nonstop? Tell us about what that would look like?
  10. If you could get a degree (or go back and get a different one), what would it be? Why?

If you’ve been nominated:

When you’re nominated for the Liebster, you answer a series of questions that help readers get to know you a bit better! Then you nominate 5 bloggers as well as shouting out who nominated you (that’s me!). Make sure to let those you nominate know!

I can’t wait to hear your answers!! Thanks for joining the party!

German shepherd puppy

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Killer butternut squash soup from my Whole30 adventure! How'd it go? | Teaspoon of Nose

Whole30: I made it!

Y’all, that long-awaited day is here! I finished my month of Whole30 on Wednesday. Thirty days of no sugar, dairy, grains, soy, beans, and more. We did it!

Chimichurri beef kabobs from my Whole30 adventure! How'd it go? | Teaspoon of Nose

Chimichurri beef kabobs – delicious, and perfect for a day at the lake!

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There's tons of things to do in your own house when the internet goes out. Here's 30 things to do without wifi! | Teaspoon of Nose

30 things you can do without wifi

Having the internet go out sucks. Being without it for days can be really rough! Here’s 30 things to do that don’t need an internet connection! 

Oklahoma is known for tornadoes, but what I didn’t think about before we moved here is that those winds make regular appearances even if they don’t funnel into a cyclone. We had a stretch here when tornado-force winds hit our area every four days or so! Between that and the accompanying hail, there’s bound to be some property damage.

In spite of it being somewhat normalized, our small town don’t move quickly on repairs. We lost our wifi during one and were told that the earliest appointment available was nine days away! Oh, the joy of a small town.

Altus storms are no joke, and can knock the wifi out. Here's 30 things to do without wifi! | Teaspoon of Nose

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Classic cars to crazy creations at the Altus Rockin' Rumble, Oklahoma! | Teaspoon of Nose

Life in Altus: Rockin’ Rumble

In Altus, Oklahoma, one of the biggest events of the year is the Rockin’ Rumble.

It’s talked up for months. People plan their schedules around it.

What is it? It’s a car show, folks.

Classic cars to crazy creations at the Altus Rockin' Rumble, Oklahoma! | Teaspoon of Nose

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A few dinners from Whole30! | Teaspoon of Nose

Whole30 recap: day 21

Happy Sunday, folks! I’m officially more than halfway through Whole30. Technically I’m on day 21, so we’re on the down slope! If you want to see a little bit more about Whole30 and why I decided to give it a shot, you can check out this post, or click here to see how I finished up!

A few dinners from Whole30! | Teaspoon of Nose

Light lemon slaw – surprisingly good, since I don’t love slaw or cabbage!

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Getting work done in the local coffeeshop!

Goals: June

Welcome to summer! Here in Oklahoma we’ve moved into the days of 90+ degree days already, so I don’t care what the official calendar says. We filled our long weekend with time with friends, lake time, and even got a surprise invitation to try out the C-17 flight simulator! That was incredibly cool. Now I can say I’ve flown a plane, right?

German Shepherd Cute sleeping puppy

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Exploring Mangum's Rattlesnake Derby in southwest Oklahoma!

Life in Altus: Rattlesnake Derby

Within a month of getting back to Oklahoma, there were TWO somewhat-hilarious cultural events. Today I’m sharing one of these, the Mangum Rattlesnake Derby.


Imagine a small town carnival meets flea market. Now add any rattlesnake-related activity, wise idea or not. What you’re picturing is the Rattlesnake Derby.

Exploring Mangum's Rattlesnake Derby in southwest Oklahoma!

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Whole30 week one in review!

I’m doing Whole30! Week 1 Recap

For the next 30 days, I’m doing Whole30! It’s a 30 day detox program designed to give your body a reset. I’ll share my journey we go, and hopefully have some great recipes to pass on as we go! 

Whole30 week one in review!

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DIY: Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Building your own kitchen table sounds like a monumental task, but with these free plans we found online, it was surprisingly doable! Read on for how we created our dream table over the course of a few weekends.

Looking for uncomplicated plans to build your own kitchen table? This DIY Farmhouse Table turned out beautifully!

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Local Atlanta: walking the Beltline

Visiting Laura has always been fun – we’ve had our share of adventures when she lived in D.C., and now that she’s relocated to Atlanta, there’s a whole new city to explore!

She and her husband Armando hosted me for a weekend this spring, and their number one recommendation for a Saturday morning was exploring the Atlanta Beltline. I had no idea what this was. Eager to check it out, we set off for a morning outside at one of Atlanta’s less touristy attractions!


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