Europe 2016!

This past August, Logan and I were lucky enough to spend a month in Europe! As Logan’s first time and my first time to Italy, we tried to squeeze in as much as we possibly could! As I post about each of our locations, the links below will go live. They’re listed below in the order we visited:

Paris: Louvre • Paris: Eiffel • Paris: guide


Scottish Highlands


Normandy region

Chinon, Loire Valley

Cinque Terre


Rome: Colosseum • Rome: guide

Vatican City

San Gimignano

Florence: Duomo • Florence: guide

Chamonix: paragliding • Chamonix: guide


How to spend one day in Pisa, Italy!

Before we made it to Europe, we had a day-long layover in NYC and I’ll share a bit about that too!

I’ll also be posting lots of tips from our trip, so check back soon for more!

our trip by the numbers

tips for booking your flight

how to pack for a month in a carry on

what to do when you get sick when traveling

when things go wrong while traveling

Where the mountains meet the ocean: a guide to Cinque Terre!

all images copyright Teaspoon of Nose


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