City of Medicine. Bull City. Dirty D.

I love my city.

Lots of names. But more importantly, lots of great food, dates, girls’ nights, and adventures.

Guglhupf Bakery Cafe in Durham, NC - fantastic atmosphere and great food! #triangletuesday #trianglebucketlist


Cocoa Cinnamon

Parker & Otis

Joe Van Gogh

Mad Hatter

Watt’s Grocery

Dame's world famous chicken and waffles is not to be missed in Durham!

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

Taberna Tapas


Rue Cler

Lilly’s Pizza

Getting my favorite burgers at Bull City Burger and Brewery! #trianglebucketlist

Bull City Burger & Brewery

Burger Bach

Mt. Fuji


Luna Rotisserie & Empanadas

Sunday brunch doesn't get much better than fondue for two at the Little Dipper! #TriangleBucketList

Pompieri Pizza

The Little Dipper

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

The Parlour

Pelican’s SnoBalls

Savoring summer at Pelican's Snocones! #trianglebucketlist #triangletuesday

Shiki Sushi

Durham Food Truck Rodeo

Eno River State Park

Al Buehler Trail

Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens10

all opinions are always my own, and I’ll let you know if there’s any compensation for coverage! 


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